Monday, January 26, 2015

Why eat Organic?

Foods with organic labels are not grown with chemical pesticides, genetically modified or treated with petroleum-based or sewage pesticides. The main reason why people don't is generally because of the higher cost.

So what do I suggest?

Avoid eating organic produce that is more likely to contain a lot of these pesticides, mainly those with high water content such as most leafy greens, melons, celery and berries.As those plants grow, they soak up a lot of water which have the pesticides suspended in them.

Also, produce like apples and tomatoes are so difficult to protect from bugs and fungus that a lot of pesticides are used on them.

On the converse side, anything with a tough skin or hard shell like avocado. navel oranges or coconut are much less likely to contain any pesticides and are much safer to eat.

Because of tough skin, not only do pesticides have difficulty penetrating the skin but insects do too. As a result, farmers don't need to use costly pesticides to protect the crop.

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