Friday, May 22, 2015

Artifical Cervical Disk Replacement - Are You A Candidate?


Do you have arm pain, weakness or numbness and/or neck pain?

You may be a candidate for Mobi-C.

The Mobi-C® Cervical Disc (Mobi-C) has been designed as an alternative to cervical fusion, replacing the cervical disc to restore segmental motion and disc height.
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Real Experiences

Both Chuck and Melinda have suffered from debilitating numbness, pain and weakness in their arms and neck. The struggle to find pain relief became a daily battle for each of them. Watch Chuck and Melissa as they talk about their experiences with cervical pain and how Mobi-C allowed them to return to a normal life of work, family, and fun
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Mobi-C is an Alternative to Cervical Fusion

In a surgery with the Mobi-C Cervical Disc, the unhealthy disc is removed, but instead of a bone spacer or plastic implant along with a plate and screws, a Mobi-C is implanted into the disc space.
Where a fusion procedure is intended to eliminate motion at the surgery levels, the goal of a surgery with Mobi-C is to allow motion at those levels.
Cervical Disc
Cervical Disc
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Surgery with Mobi-C:

  • Will replace your worn out discs.
  • May help keep neck movement:
    • Bending forward-to-back.
    • Bending side-to-side.
    • Turning left-to-right.
  • Matches disc height to the levels above and below. This can help un-trap nerves.
  • May lessen your neck and/or arm pain.
  • May lessen any arm tingling.
  • May help you return to your normal life of work, family, and fun.
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