Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Forward into Spring Cleaning

With March comes the start of spring...and spring cleaning.
Household chores can come with unwanted pain if not done carefully. Bending and/or twisting at the waist is a common cause for upper and lower back pain. From washing dishes, to vacuuming, you'd be surprised to know that having a proper technique can prevent you from experiencing back or neck pain. 

Back-Saving Tips for Chores:

  • When you wash dishes, open the cabinet beneath the sink, bend one knee and put your foot on the shelf under the sink. Lean against the counter so some of your weight is supported in front.

  • When ironing, raise one foot a bit. Place it on a small stool or a book to take some strain off your back.

  • To vacuum, use a "fencer's stance." Put all your weight on one foot, then step forward and back with the other foot as you push the vacuum forward and back. Use the back foot as a pivot when you turn.

  • Use a cold pack if your back begins to hurt. Wrap an ice pack in a towel moistened with warm water. The warmth gives way to gradual cold, which likely will alleviate the discomfort. (No ice? Try frozen veggies instead.)

  • If pain persists for more than a day or two or if you experience numbness after doing chores, tingling or weakness in your arms or legs, see a doctor of chiropractic.

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